Petite Lamb helping wildlife in Australia

A Dubai crafter has lent a vital helping hand to a global effort to aid animals affected by devastating bushfires sweeping across Australia.

Katrina Van Dinter is putting her sewing skills to good use to make mittens and pouches to provide much-needed comfort for native wildlife injured and left homeless as blazes continue to rage.

Rescuers use the mittens to cover koalas’ charred paws, while the pouches provide comfort for marsupials which have lost their mothers.

After hearing of the pressing need through an Australian network in the UAE, Ms van Dinter, who owns a handmade children’s clothing company, knew she had the time, skills and will to help.

Ms van Dinter started sewing mittens for koalas and pouches for orphaned joeys and other marsupials earlier this week. She has since clocked up around 100 sets of both and counting.

Ms van Dinter has had several offers from people willing to carry them over to Australia, including from the wife of a UAE firefighter who is being sent over to help.

“I’ll just keep going until they say they don’t need them anymore.”

People touched by Australia's plight from all over the world have been busily creating everything from bat wraps and birds nests to possum boxes in order to do their bit for the cause.

Thanks to The National for this article.

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